We have started to see more of the African braid hair which is shaped by thin hair and thin hair. As the number of those who want to make African braids, the myths about this method became widespread! Here is Truths and Mistakes About the African Braid Hairstyles

1. African braid is very damaging to hair.

One of the most common misconceptions is one of the most common ones. The African braid does not cause any damage to the hair or even hair, jelly, foam, such as driving away from the need for things to heat and shape the hair is comforted and can even say that benefit. It is one of the best examples of this to be included in the category of ‘Protecting styles’. Besides, if you have oily hair that you have to wash all the time, you do not have to wash your hair constantly.

2. How are you washing that hair? It is not cleaned!

African braided hair can be washed like your natural hair. When you wash your hair by using a normal shampoo, it will be as clean as your old hair. In addition, it does not require the use of extra hair conditioner, hair mask and similar products, it is also a more economical solution!

3. The African braid tears away the hair

It is known that a person’s average 100 wire hair is poured per day. Unlike your normal hair in the African braid, spilled hair does not fall to the ground and can not get rid of the braids, hair remains between. When you open your braids, it is recommended that you use it for a maximum of 3 months. That’s why “just lost a lot of hair at a time!” he leads you to revelation. However, the hair that you see is 3 months of accumulated hair!


4. After you have the African Braid, you will have to shave your hair

False! African Braid is not made with wax, glue, how you can open your hair when you knit your normal hair, you can also get rid of your braids after you have done the African braid. The only problem is that you have to open a lot of braids. If you have friends who like to deal with your time or hair, you can easily solve the problem in a short time.

5. It is very difficult to use hair with African braid

Absolutely wrong! When you have an African Braid, you can use your hair much easier than you normally use. When you make a blow, just a little bit of moist air when you make your hair even easier to break your hair while the African Braid made your hair in the rain, swimming, lying in bed and still look cool when you first up!

In short, to be very cool and not to work too hard with my hair, say, do not be afraid, try!

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