Women always want to be beautiful and beautiful but the only way to do it effectively is through dedication and learning certain tricks of beauty such as makeup that often we do not have access because only make-up artists or people who are dedicated to make up are responsible for learning this type of important tips for any woman who wants to be well presented with respect to their look and fashion that shows others, and little diffuses some techniques.

That’s why, learning each one of the different methods and techniques of makeup for eyes, I was able to write down an important list that helped me a lot as I also asked a friend to study and work on this in her life, making up the eyes of celebrities in a program of well-known television that I do not want to name so that she is not exposed.

But these secrets and tricks I assure you that they will serve you a lot every time you have an event or a party as I also recommend you use it for your daily life because I always say no matter what color you have your eyes although I recognize that having color clear as green or blue is something that all of us who have brown eyes ever want but the important thing is always the makeup and how we present our face.

Many times we see eyes with too much makeup or other times with little where you can accentuate the look as well blur the angle of the woman’s face which is very important to understand that for each eye shape and face texture be different type of paint that is applied.

Light color on the upper part of the eye and left black outlined as makeup

Step by step as an eye make up with colors of the turquoise blue range for a blue or black party dress

Brightness around the eyes as well we have eyelashes and eyebrows painted in dark

The eyes are as important as the hairstyle that is the outline of your face.

Learning how to put on your eyes is a personal technique for each woman.

My beauty tricks for eyes that never fail

1) Trick to make your eyelashes grow a bit more

You must every night before going to sleep put a little Vaseline on the eyelashes leaving all night I acted so that the next morning you have the result that they look much bigger the next day

2) Secret so that your eyeliner can last all day in your eyes

First you have to delineate your tabs at the top with a pencil that is of good brand try. This is applied with a hard brush that is small so you have more precision when you apply it. It is optional but I recommend using a shadow that can combine which will give the expected effect and can maintain much longer. The effect is to smooth the line and make it look much softer giving the effect of staying more in the face said makeup.

I recommend that you try again and again the combination of shadows and eyeliner according to the look you want to achieve.

3) What type of concealer color to use?

The dark circles is something that many women hate and surely it can be your case as it happens to me, researching and asking a lot of beauty specialists always recommended me to use the color orange or salmon-like color of the concealers for dark circles that always covers the color black or worn under the eyes. Be careful that if you use a yellow color or within that range your circles will combine in the gray color.

4) Steps to apply the concealer under the eye

It seems simple but it is not we have to have pulse, patience and above all things to know the size of the eye where we are going to apply it since we have to apply it forming a triangle that has to go down to the part of the cheek. Do not make the mistake that we all make by following the curve of the eye where you implement it. When making the triangle the benefit is that it covers in its totality the darkness that can give us the face to the eyes.

5) How to quickly remove makeup from the eyes

The question is not to remove the makeup quickly but to use a make-up remover that is natural and the best of all to take care of the skin is the olive oil that does not leave your skin greasy.

6) Women with glasses or glasses do not worry, here the solution!

If for a matter of visual health your ophthalmologist prescribes glasses do not worry you can also make up your eyes and apply a very nice trick where using a color eyeliner that you like you can apply it through the line below your eyelashes and for the top apply the black color to highlight even if you have the frame of the glasses on.

7) To have the biggest eyelashes

It is a very simple and very useful trick with just moving the brush in small circular movements starting from the side that clockwise from the left and then you reach the right with patience and great delicacy so that the mask is perfect. This what benefits you is that it separates the lashes that gives it volume, on the other hand you apply in a uniform way in the whole eye and finally as a main good you will reduce the lumps of the makeup.

8) How to draw with an eyeliner?

One recommendation that a make up professional gave me is that every time I use a pencil style eyeliner I have to heat it with some ornalla or a cigarette lighter that I have to apply it in the eyes of course take care that it is not burning so as not to burn the skin. You can also heat with your hands which is a good recommendation by rubbing that generates heat or a good trick to use the hair dryer for 5 or 10 seconds will be enough. Benefit of this technique is to be able to avoid spots and that the eyelid does not get dirty.

9) What you should never do with your eyebrows

big mistake of many women is to go over the line, passing that limit of waxing their eyebrows (I hope that is not your case) since then it will be almost impossible to return to normality the expression of your eyes and your face. always consult a professional if you want to touch them as well I always recommend having plenty because it is easier to conceal your line by makeup. Conclusion never shave your eyebrows to the extreme!

I hope that these tricks that I learned during my makeup and makeup courses for eyes will be very useful and you can share with me on Facebook or with a retweet with your followers that you will surely be revealing some secrets of makeup they did not know and they will thank you.

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