Old radios, poufs or tablecloths “dress” the home while evoking nostalgia. Mirrors with gold frames also stand out, both for their functionality and for their aesthetics. Use them to give a unique look to your rooms.

Incorporate some retro style ornaments to the decoration helps to give a chic touch to the house. The dual turntables and the old phones, for example, are pieces that enjoy a lot of popularity and enhance the environments. Take advantage of its charm to beautify your home. How? Keep reading and you will find tips that will work perfectly.

Retro accessories with a lot of style

For lovers of acetate discs, the turntable can be a great alternative to decorate . Like a tower of old records placed on a table, or an old radio in the corner of the hall. If photography seduces you, you’ll want an old camera. Polaroid is a first class option, you can even collect them. On the other hand, a typewriter will give your room a touch of intellectuality that will be magnetic.

The pouf represent an overflowing article of good taste . They are found in a wide range of modern sizes and tones. For the use of infants or adults it is recommended with a height limit of 1.70 cm, and a minimum size of 130 x 135 centimeters. If they are round, they can be 90 × 90 centimeters. To ensure its quality you need to have double stitching. This will prevent the loss of filling and you will enjoy more resistance. Similarly, the double zipper will prevent it from “deflating”, and its manufacture in waterproof polyester or synthetic leather, will add durability. You can customize it by placing your name, images or drawings.

Taking family photos of old albums becomes an easy alternative . With them it is possible to create beautiful samples at home. On the other hand, the furniture used by grandparents, provided they are in perfect condition, is an invitation to remember. And in this line of decorative and functional pieces are tablecloths and tableware. Knowing how to combine them with topical elements guarantees the right balance to find a sophisticated environment. The mirrors of beautiful gold frames are another safe bet.

How to incorporate these pieces into the home?

As is common in the world of decoration, the greatest risk lies in abuses . It’s easy to go from the fantastic to the horrendous. Do not fill the room with retro elements , since you could reduce functionality and naturalness. Make that old radio cohabit with a current element, like a nice armchair or a round table. Add geometric or floral designs and you will get a nice result. If you prefer, use wallpaper. The walls will give a radical turn with a carefully chosen style. Look for replicas in a market or specialized store. You will be surprised to find excellent decorations for a very low price.

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