Hair is one of the most powerful elements to complement and complement our style and look. Therefore, protecting your hair and washing hair in the right way is of great importance. If the hair that rinses, smells and dusts are washed in the wrong way, it may wear out in a short time. You can have hair as long as you want with the proper shampoo and proper washing methods. In order to have a shiny hair instead of hair that has lost its vitality in a short time, you can apply the tips in our article.

Water Temperature should be set at ideal level

The temperature of the water during the washing process may appear to be a minor detail. However, the temperature of the water used in the washing process can lead to much more effective results.

Extreme hot water has a negative effect on both hair strands and scalp and dries the hair. Too cold water use causes sinusitis. Therefore, it is very important that the water is warm and does not damage the hair. Not too hot, warm water and hair type with a suitable shampoo to wash your hair will look much healthier and more vivid.

Hair Care should be taken care of correctly

Preliminary preparation is very important for hair washing to be more effective. Hair should be scanned with gentle movements not only after shower but also before shower. This allows easier cleaning in the shower. The dust and dirt residues on the hair are removed by brushing. During the washing process, the shampoo suitable for the hair and the water at the ideal temperature penetrate the hair more effectively. After the shower, it is also important to move towards the diplomas by opening the hair with wide comb. Small and new habits like this protect their hair in the long term.

How To Comb The Hair

Shampoo should be used for hair type
As each person is different, each hair type has different dynamics in itself. Using a shampoo specific to the shape, properties and moisture balance of the hair is the most important stage of hair washing. Because of the frequency of washing and individual habits may vary. However, determining a shampoo according to personal characteristics will increase the life of the hair. The shampoo applied by circular movements nourishes the hair follicles and allows the air to be cleaned.

Using Hair Conditioner

The use of hair conditioner in hair washing process has an important place. However, you need to pay attention to a few points when using hair conditioner. Conditioner should be applied not only to the diplomats but also to the ends of the hair. In this way, the hair strands get the moisture balance they need. A cream applied to the bottom of the hair can cause hair loss. By using a suitable hair cream correctly, you can prevent the hair from losing moisture after washing and you can get shiny hair.

The Importance of Hair Rinse

Showering often turns into a hurry. However, wasting a little time in bodily cleansing means recovering hair in the long run. Because of the well-rinsed hair follicles occur clogging. These blockages lead to inadequate feeding of the hair strands. An effective rinsing process regains its brilliance and vitality to the hair. Depending on the length of the hair, the rinse time may be shortened or prolonged.

Towel Touch

The last stage of hair washing is important to dry with towels. To do this, it is enough to choose a towel that is soft, which absorbs water and is not too heavy. Gently wrapping the head with a towel and waiting a little to absorb the water is a very important process to make hair look better. Drying by moving the towel causes the hair to break quickly or lead to the fork of the ends. Leaving the hair dry in the natural harmony will be much more effective as it will allow it to gain moisture.

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