You have the desire to leave the bun or quilt relatively classic. You therefore have the urge to inject a few new things into your daily life, hence the interest of learning how to make an African braid. It is not very complex, but it requires rigor. Whether you want to make an African mat or two, you will have to follow the same procedure.

1: Separate your hair into several strands

Contrary to popular belief, for an African braid on the side or back, you will not have to work all the hair at once. It will be best to divide your hair into several 2.5 cm sections. For the appearance to be as regular as possible, you will have to choose the same size for all the strands. For this, you can use a comb, or even a meter to measure the width.

2:  How to make a braid with these famous strands?

The realization is similar to a tutorial to make a traditional braid:


Pass the wick from your right over the middle one
The middle one is on the left
The left strand then passes over
When you use all the strands, you will be able to hold it with an elastic, a string or a nice knot. It will depend on your desires. For the rendering to be a little more interesting, you can follow the same steps for an African braid on each side of your neck. You will have two mats that must be of the same size. Otherwise, the visual will not be the one expected.

3: Join the African braids at the base of your skull

You have two possibilities in this tutorial devoted to how to make African braids. Either you keep the two mats on either side of your neck, or you gather them together. In this case, it will be necessary to undo a few rows so that they can be gathered at the base of your skull. The realization is identical to a traditional braid since you will have to form three strands of the same width. You can finish it with a pretty colored elastic to give it a little pep.

4: How to have a nice visual with this tutorial African braid?

Making an African braid is relatively simple, but it will be necessary to follow some advices so that the rendering is up to the expectations:

Remember to take the same width for each strand
Comb your hair to tame spikes and locks
Place the braids without leaving any hair outside
Spray lightly your hair if you have fine hair to work more easily

5:How to make an English braid on short hair?

Of course, women who have long hair will be able to learn how to make an English braid quite easily. The task is not impossible if you have a square, but the rendering will be totally different. Generally, if you have hair up to the ears, you can have a pretty nice base. If the length is relatively small, you can still follow this tutorial, but it will be better to make several African braids. The rendering will be a little more interesting. This hairstyle is especially nice for women who have mid-length hair for example.

6: How to make a Brazilian braid?

After following this African mats manual, you can look into another achievement that gives a little color to your hair. Now that you know how to make an African mat, know that Brazil does not proceed in the same way. You can, however, mix the two traditions. You will need several cotton threads with a similar thickness and a relatively thin cardboard. You should :

Surround a wick with the cardboard
Wrap the wick with different threads by varying the colors

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