A ritual for women to do makeup. The more you feel good, the more you wear the makeup, the more you can cause problems on your skin.
In our skin, we can only remove the dirt and oil accumulated during the day by purifying our skin. When you do not care for your daily skin, the dead cells accumulate on your skin, the black spots begin to increase and your skin will wrinkle earlier. Your skin, which loses its elasticity over time, can be matured or exposed to excessive lubrication depending on your skin type and can remove acne.

Dry skins, washing gels enriched with milk, lotion or special oils, mixed and oily skin with washing gels to clean the skin, acne-prone skins with some acid-containing wash gels can benefit from, he says.

In order not to scratch your skin, you should massage it with a warm water in a circular motion, then clean it with water and dry it using a paper towel.
In particular, spotty skins should not use towels for drying, they contain many bacteria in the used towels and may invite new acne formations.


When you are cleaning your makeup, you can start to wipe your natural or cosmetic lotion with a cotton wool. After you have done your skin cleansing, apply a little amount of cotton to your skin.

If you think you’ve cleansed your skin, the dirt may still not come out. So continue to clean your skin with lotion until the cotton is free of dirt and then clean and dry your face with water again.

The lotions you will use for your eyes have a more oily structure than the classic facial cleansing lotions. Your choice of eyeliner and a more effective choice to remove rimeli.

How to clean makeup

When you remove your makeup from your skin, do not forget to wash your skin with face cleansing gels, so your skin will be completely free from makeup.

Use a moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type after the skin cleansing process. Do not use a lot of moisturizers.

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