Dyed hair is worn out due to chemicals in the paint content. Especially in light-colored hair, the individual fractures, hairiness and dryness are the leading problems in hair problems. You can rejuvenate your hair with special treatments, which are painted on top of each other, lost their form with color-openers and broken due to styling tools such as blow dryer and tongs. You can use customizable shampoos, special care masks for dyed hair, natural oils and professional treatments to restore your processed hair. You can also fascinate your hair with special care tips for dyed hair.

The Secret to Care of Dyed Hair Less Chemical

You need to protect the color as well as color. Natural oils, which are commonly used in masks such as olive oil, with acidic values, can cause the color of the hair dye to turn on and make the paint dull. Before going on additional treatments, you should review products such as shampoo and conditioner that you routinely use. You should avoid shampoos and hair conditioners that contain perfume, paraben, salt, SLS / SLES and dye. Among her customizable shampoos, Dr. You can get help from Savon’s expertise. By choosing the profile of your hair, you can choose the most suitable for your hair from the options of chemical-free shampoo. You can find special care for your hair with personalized shampoo. With Savon expertise.

Stay Away from Heat Treatment

Heat treatment makes the worn hair look worse. Continuous heat treatments such as blow dryer and tongs increase the shedding, drying and matting problems while increasing the shedding rate. If you reduce the heat treatment while using the appropriate shampoo for your hair, you may notice the recovery in a short time. You can witness in a few weeks that the color is more permanent and brighter. Keeps moisture, heat and moisture-free hair is protected from electricity. If heat treatment is necessary, you can have less damage to your hair with the protective serum applied before. You can also use hair serum instead of reducing the fixative products you use after forming, and you can help your hair look shiny.

The Right Choice in Hairdressing

Frequent dyeing and avoiding long-term cuts is the reason why the hair looks neglected. Increasing the time between two paintings, even for a few days, will benefit your hair over time. You can often cut your hair and get rid of the worn out ends. Hairdressers do not give keratin care once a month to paint her dyed hair. You can make the right choice in hairdresser’s procedures to heal your disordered hair, give your hair a new life with care. By choosing organic products in hair dyes, you can prevent the damage caused by ammonia to hair and make paints and polishes every month instead of full paint and make the dye to penetrate the hair less. When you get a full paint every three months, you’re gonna feel your hair come back.

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