If you never put on makeup and you want to start doing it, choose this one and you’ll look great in simple steps.

Make up for the first time is very exciting but at the same time it is a bit scary. Will I stay well? What colors go better with my face? But do not worry, remember that in life everything is learned. In this article we will show you step by step how to make up for the first time.

Make up for the first time

Many women imagine that makeup is a mask behind which they must hide their faults, but the reality is that it should be a tool that highlights your features and, therefore, your beauty. When you start to make up, it is advisable to start with a soft makeup that looks natural. Shadows and ornate colors can hide your beauty and make you look much older. Try to enhance your features in a harmonious way .

Remember that the perfect makeup is not achieved overnight, so do not despair. The practice will give you all these skills and the necessary security. Always stand before the mirror, that way you will learn to know your face well. Apply a little of each product so you do not overdo it.

And now … let’s start!

How to achieve the best makeup if you are new?

We propose the steps to make up for the first time. It is just a guide, with time you can start to combine new colors and implements.

  1. Cleans and moisturizes your skin

This is one of the most important steps since it will help you to fix better the makeup and moisturize your skin. Makeup  products  , such as bases and compact powders, tend to dry the skin. With this step you will always feel flexible and soft:

  • Clean your face with soap and water.
  • Dry well with touches of the towel.
  • Apply a little moisturizing lotion to the face and neck area, using circular massages.
  • Let the lotion absorb.
  1. Makeup base 

Once your  skin  is moisturized, you will place a makeup base similar to your natural color. To select it you must use a light and a dark base:

  • You place a little light base on the back of your hand.
  • You add only one drop of dark base.
  • Mix until you reach your skin color.
  • Apply small amounts with your finger all over your face.
  • Blurs all over the face.
  1. Ear correcter

If you have dark circles this step will be very important. Ideally, you should choose a shade lighter than the color of your base. You can apply it with your finger and then blend it until it is even.

  1. Powder to fix

Apply after the concealer that you put in the previous step, a compact or loose powder. You can place it with a brush, taking just a little and spreading the product all over your face. You can also do it with a sponge. The trick is to take spreading it with circular movements.

  1. The perfect eyes if you’re new
  • Cejas . They are the frame of your face. Use shadows about two shades lighter than the color of your hair. Apply over the entire  eyebrow .
  • Eyelids . The imperceptible shadows are the best for someone who starts. Apply the shadow with brush or finger across the eyelid evenly.
  • Eye basin . In this place where the eyelid ends  , it diffuses a brown tone to give depth.
  • Eyeliner. Undoubtedly the most delicate step of makeup for gilts. Contour the upper edge of the  eye  with black eyeliner, we recommend starting with pencils, since it will be easier for you.
  • Tabs . In this step you will use mascara or mascara. The objective is to lengthen them and give them volume.
  1. Blush

It is also called rouge.  It is used to highlight the cheekbones, give structure to the face and, of course, prevent you from looking pale . Use a soft color that gives life to your face without being aggressive. To apply it, you will need a thick brush. Where to put it? It will be very easy with these tricks:

  • You can grimace fish and distribute the blush in the hole that forms.
  • Try to smile and shade the region that sticks out.
  • Make as if you drink soft drinks with sorbet and place it in the sunken part.
  1. The color for the lips

Finally, let’s highlight the natural curve of your lips. To do this, use matte tones or light colors to give a fresh look. Place them with your finger in small amounts and then blend them to get a uniform color . If you want you can place brightness so they are more noticeable.


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