The care of curly hair requires special care. Because curly hair is much easier to wear, easily damaged, dries, bubbles and electrifies. Well, if your hair is curly, do you know what to look out for and how to make curly hair care?


If your hair is very curly, it will take a lot of time to wait for it to dry after washing.But if you want to do your hair a favor, stay as far away from the blow dryer as possible. Excessive heat causes curly hair to dry thoroughly. Al

though this is not the case for cold weather, at least when it comes to summer, let your hair dry itself and not lose as much moisture as possible.

Never cut your hair while your hair is wet. Otherwise, you may experience results that you do not want or expect. When curly hair is wet, the curls are collected up. Therefore, to prevent your hair from shortening more than you want, you should prefer to have a haircut. Another problem is the swelling of the hair after sweeping. Do you use hair conditioner during the bath but still have difficulty in combing your hair? Then we suggest you to wash your hair while washing, you can do after the cream. This process will prevent your curls from being separated and turned into thin curls. Thus, you can get the hair that is still in shape and less bubbling 🙂 On the other hand, if you do not want to comb your hair in the bathroom, you can choose products that you can apply after the bath.

Curly haircut

You should also be very gentle when installing your hair with towel after the bath. Otherwise, this process can damage the hair. Although this process not only curly hair, all hair is damaged. To avoid this problem, try to remove the moisture of your hair with a paper towel and not with a towel after the bath. It is also useful for women with curly hair to put some distance between them with hair straighteners. Because over-used hair straightener can cause changes in the structure of the hair. If you want to protect your natural looking and curled curls, you should avoid frequent hair straightening. Women who have curly hair, before bed at night before curling her hair, collect as high as possible. But here you should avoid collecting your hair too tightly. Fabric buckles will prevent this problem. If you have very long hair, we recommend making a loose bun. In this way, you cannot lie on your hair at night and you can prevent your hair from being damaged and swollen.

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