What we all know, but in the part of the application often pass the pass. If you want to have healthy and shiny hair, do them!

1. Frequent detection

Hair ends, even after being frequently scanned from paints and formers, often break after a while, dries and have a forked appearance. This makes the hair unhealthy. It’s a clich√© but it’s true: Every month, if you cut the ends of your hair by half an inch, your hair will look lively, bright and bright because it will get rid of its unhealthy parts. It gives the impression of dancing with harmony.

2. Take care of your scalp

Use cleansing shampoos as well as cleansing your hair. For example, there may be shampoos with avocado and coconut oil. They nourish and strengthen the scalp. The strengthening scalp is the best foundation for healthy hair. Massage your scalp for a few minutes while shampooing and rub your head. It stimulates blood circulation and promotes a healthy scalp.
Except for shampoo, you can also use specially produced care sera for hair. It strengthens the effect of shampoo.

3. Accurate cutting

If you leave long floors in front of your hair, this suggests that your hair is long. Julianne Moore and Brooke Shields hair stylist Sarah Potempa says she often does this method. In addition, because the faces of the square and round faces are thinner than the front of the long floor is preferred.

4. Dry shampoo

The dry shampoo cleans the hair by wiping off the useful oils from the bottom of the hair. Moreover, long hair is heavy and hangs down. Dry shampoo to massage your hair roots can add volume.

5. Give color

Long and dark hair is very nice, but don’t you think it looks like a blanket? It might be a good idea to add a little color and sparkle together. They will appear bright and vivid with Balyaj.

6. Do not make high bun

If you have very long and bushy hair, when you make a high bun with this thick knob, your face will deteriorate. The ideal is to gather close to the neck.

7. Be Careful While Sleeping

It may sound very interesting, but because it rubs on the pillow as it sleeps, it breaks and breaks hair. We’re talking about long hair, of course. Hair stretched, stretched and crushed while turning left. You can use a satin pillow or silk pillow case. These minimize friction. Or you can loosen your hair loosely from the top.

8. Products in your hair.

There is no need to use a lot of products in your hair. The most beautiful, natural and moving waves. Apply some styling to your hair and dry it to make that gorgeous curly hair we call a beach wave. This much!

9. Vitamin supplement

You can get Biotin support to strengthen your hair and prolong your hair. Biotin stimulates cells that cause hair growth. Your hair becomes thicker and thicker. Of course, it is better to ask the dermatologist before taking this vitamin.

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