Learning to distinguish the elements of daily use from those that we only use occasionally is fundamental to allocate a place of storage so that the latter do not occupy an extra space.

The kitchen is one of the corners of the house that is most used every day. When preparing different dishes, we leave behind remains and food packaging to dispose of, as well as the utensils we use. When everything is disorganized, it is better to implement actions to give more order to your kitchen.

Many people dream every day of having a totally neat kitchen , without any objects that affect its wide functionality. However, the idea that achieving it will cost a lot of work, added to the daily obligations, make us back down and not take the steps to achieve this desire.

Below, we suggest some recommendations to give more order to your kitchen. They are easy and simple: if you apply them one at a time, you will see that in less than a week you will radically change the dynamics of this space in the house.

6 tricks to give your kitchen more order

  1. The useless, outside

Have you ever thought about the amount of cups, crockery, jars and other kitchen items that you have stored, without any use? It is time to say goodbye and use your space for more productive ones.

If you are one of the people who have trouble getting rid of stored objects, we leave you with two questions that you should ask yourself for a correct evaluation of the use you give to each thing:

  • When was the last time I used it?
  • At what time could I need it again and for what?
  1. Use vertical space

Both the walls and the interior of the doors of the furniture can be useful for placing shelves or supports for objects to which we never find a place . A clear example of this are the lids of pots and pans ; you should know that they sell organizers for these things.

  • There are also for other elements: ladles, beaters … Almost any culinary utensil can find its place thanks to these valuable accessories.
  1. Storage options

From the beginning, you have to consider that, to achieve an orderly kitchen, you have to have enough space to store things . In that sense, you can choose one of the following storage variants:

  • Open: Having an open piece of furniture or shelves in which to place spices or other food reserves is colorful and practical, especially if you are worth of beautiful glass jars.
  • Folding: Just open the drawer and unfold the inner tray, you can see all the materials or ingredients you have and choose the appropriate one. A fantastic option, without doubts.
  • Rotary: Another excellent idea to give more order to your kitchen is to use shelves that rotate. They are wonderful to multiply the available place, especially in small drawers.
  • Mobile: Finally, you can not ignore the charm and practicality of multipurpose carts . They are ideal for placing utensils and everyday items and then reserve them in a secluded place, such as a corner.
  1. Cutlery organizer

Something that spoils the kitchens too much is the fact of opening a drawer and running into thousands of disorganized cutlery . To solve this problem, place a beautiful cutlery organizer and give each one his well-deserved space . It is a detail that will add great harmony.

  1. What to do with small appliances?

In this case, the alternatives may vary according to personal preferences. For example, there are silver coffee machines that are very good as a decoration in the kitchen – beyond its use, of course -; especially when combined with the refrigerator or the stove .

However, on the other hand, it is a very good idea to keep those who do not fulfill this mission . This does not mean putting them in their box and taking them to another part of the house, but reserving a drawer for them. In this way, they will always be at hand for use, but they will not occupy a valuable space on the countertop.

  1. Drawers for everything

In the kitchen, the more options you have to store things, the better . This, of course, translates into the need to have drawers to, for example, store the following elements:

  • Crockery
  • Waste baskets
  • Containers and containers
  • Greengrocers and spice farmers
  • Small utensils

If you do not have enough drawers for all these things, you can consider recycling boxes and using them as storage . For example, reconditioned and painted wooden boxes are a great complement to this task.

On the other hand, there is also the alternative of creating your own  shelves . With this and all the previous suggestions, you can give more order to your kitchen in just a matter of days . It does not require large investments or complex reforms. Give your creativity your wings and make this place at home more comfortable!


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