Indoor plants can be one of the best options if you live in a low-light apartment and want to give it a touch of natural life.

The plants are wonderful and should almost necessarily be in a house. In addition to being living beings that transform carbon dioxide into oxygen, they are beautiful and can provide us with very good properties.

Depending on what plants we have we can get a better room smell. If we plant aromatic herbs we can make delicious recipes and cook with fresh herbs. These options are never a bad idea when looking for an alternative to our house.

If you are a plant lover and your home is a bit dark, you have to look for the best species so they can survive in low light or perhaps in smaller spaces. We want to tell you what are the best options you have to choose them and give that special touch to your home with indoor plants .

The best indoor plants in low light

If you have lived in an apartment where you have low light but still want to have plants, you have to know how to choose them . You can ask at the nearest nursery to be able to document and tell you which are the best plants according to your possibilities.

Meanwhile, we tell you those kinds of plants you can choose and what their qualities and properties are.

1. Bamboo

Bamboo, also known as lucky bamboo, is one of the plants that are very easy to maintain and do not need large doses of light.

  • They are very sensitive to contact with the sun’s rays , so the absence of light helps it to develop better .
  • It has to be placed in a cool place in the house and water or leave it in a glass of water.

2. White orchids

These orchids are very beautiful and they help us to decorate any corner of the house . Despite their shape and color, they are not difficult to grow. We just have to have patience and some hand for nature, but it is not the most complicated species.

3. Croton

It is a simple plant to have at home, since it is easy to keep it healthy and strong. It does not require very bright environments because the direct sun does not feel good.

We have to place it in a place away from the sun, the color of its leaves will be highlighted more and it will be more striking how much more direct light the plant receives . It is a plant sensitive to temperature changes, so it is advisable to keep it always between 15 ºC and 27 ºC.

  • On the other hand, humidity can also cause it to wither or die, so we must take all these things into account if we want it in our home.

4. Calanchoe or kalanchoe

This plant can also be one of your favorites if what you lack at home is light and sun. It does not need much sun, although it does have some luminosity.

It is a crasulácea plant: these are soft plants that need moisture in the environment but not in their roots , therefore, it does not need excessive watering. It is better that the earth be dry. Now, we do not have to water or spray the plants with water, if we are in a dry area: we have to create that humidity environment.

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5. Poto (also known as potos or potus)

It is one of the most common plants to decorate our house. It is a classic that does not need much light or much care.

Direct sunlight will make your leaves pale and look more sickly. For this reason, look for places where you have light, not sun, with warm temperatures . They tolerate dry climates, but in summer it is necessary that irrigation increases in cadence.

These are some of the plants you can have at home to give a natural touch to any room despite being a place with low light. The plants can be adapted to any environment, place, climate, light, stay, etc. Do not give up and ask yourself which is the best for your home.

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